“On Borrowed Time,” Scripted Fiction Podcast Series

This series is currently in development.

It’s the year 2118. Global medical advancement has made the human species virtually immortal. Life expectancy is infinite. Accidental deaths still occur, but those are few and far between. And when they do, it’s devastating to loved ones. 

Terra Wu, a renowned physicist and time manipulation expert, has successfully developed, and then destroyed, a device that can communicate with people from the past. Terra wants to terminate her life and for this new technology to die with her. But the government wants to collect the data from her brain, whether she’s dead or alive. They hope to use it to communicate with scientists in the past and achieve immortality earlier, bringing back those that are dead. Terra must fight in court for her “Right to Be Forgotten.” 

Her 14-year-old granddaughter, Solis, who secretly possesses an earlier version of the device, is desperately trying to reach the “Terra” from 2018, to let her know that her 2118 life is in danger. Since Terra is unwilling to release the blueprint, many are plotting to murder her in order to steal her brain. Will the effects of their meddling change the course of history to the point that it would threaten Solis’ existence?

The following is what I’ve envisioned the opening of the first episode would be: