“Wendy Lehman-Lash: 2014 Lehman College Foundation Honoree” Video

Wendy Lehman-Lash, President of the Edith A. and Herbert H. Lehman Foundation, was honored at the Lehman College Foundation’s 2014 Leadership Awards Dinner – A Celebration of Excellence – on October 29, 2014.

Mrs. Lash is the granddaughter of Herbert H. Lehman, former Governor and Senator from New York. Since 1989, Wendy has served as President of the Edith A. and Herbert H. Lehman Foundation. The Foundation supports a wide range of organizations and initiatives focused on arts and culture, social services, health care, and animal welfare, and K-18 education. Mrs. Lash attended the Brearley School in New York, and Connecticut College, where she graduated in 1964 with a major in sociology. She has been actively involved with the Williams College Museum of Art, the Lyman Allyn Museum in Connecticut, served as a Trustee of Connecticut College, and was the Executive Director of the Somerset House Art History Foundation from 1986 until 1992. An enthusiast and breeder of Jack Russell terriers, Wendy has also been a board member of the Animal Medical Center in New York. She and her husband Stephen, Chairman Emeritus of Christie’s Americas, are the parents of Abigail S. Lash and William Lehman Lash, three Jack Russells, and the grandparents of Hattie Lehman Shapard and Lucy Lash Shapard, all of New York.

Credit: Producer, Director, & Editor