“UNICEF’s Global Innovation” Videos

On May 7, UNICEF launched the Global Innovation Centre and Innovation Fund in New York. Visitors were able to learn more about UNICEF Innovations that take early stage innovations from start-up to scale-up to reach the lives of the children who need it the most. A series of 4 videos were created to highlight some of these innovations at work.

Credit: Sound Editor & Mixer

UNICEF’s Global Innovation Centre and Innovation Fund Launch

Stuart Campo talks about why the innovation fund is so important to UNICEF in helping children from around the world.

UNICEF Innovations: U-Report

IU-Report Project Officer, Caroline Barebwoha talks about U-Report, a free youth-facing engagement application that allows young people to discuss important issues that matter to them.

UNICEF Innovations: Internet of Good Things

Stefan Bock, Head of Global Innovation Lab, Uganda talking about the Internet of Good Things initiative which is a set of mobile-ready web-based resources and applications that bring good to life and education to children with no internet access.

UNICEF Innovations: Adolescent Kit

Jason Robinson talks about the Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation, a package of guidance, tools and supplies to support country programmes to reach and engage adolescents ages 10-18 affected by conflict and other crises.